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Peter Leyden
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About Peter Leyden

Peter Leyden has spent his career figuring out the future and helping others see what’s probably coming and what’s possible to bring about. This work has taken various forms over the years: Currently he's Host of The Civilization Salons at The Long Now Foundation, Senior Fellow for Strategic Foresight at Autodesk, and a Futurist represented by Keppler Speakers. He was Managing Editor running Wired Magazine in the heyday, Founder & CEO of two media startups, including his latest Reinvent, and Cofounder of a political startup that fed into the first Obama campaign. He's also Coauthor of two books on the future: The Long Boom & What’s Next. And he's a writer of stories about the future in Medium including two popular series: The Transformation, a future history of America and the world from 2020 to 2050, and California is the Future. More on all of this at

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