Peter Leyden has spent his career figuring out the future and helping others better understand what’s coming next. He’s a thought leader on new technologies and future trends, giving keynotes through Keppler Speakers. Leyden is a senior advisor on strategic foresight with his firm Reinvent Futures, working with a range of companies, mostly recently Autodesk. He’s a host and convener of physical and virtual events, most recently with The Long Now Foundation.

Leyden was managing editor of Wired magazine working with the founders in the early digital revolution. He subsequently founded two of his own media startups focused on the future. Leyden worked at the pioneering strategic foresight firm Global Business Network and is the coauthor of two influential books on the future, including The Long Boom. Leyden started his career as a journalist, including working as a foreign correspondent in Asia for Newsweek magazine. Learn more at

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